Why is the MAX International Business Diploma so UNIQUE?

Do you want your study to be customised to your specific career or business?

Do you want to study at your speed; nobody to rush you and no slowing down for other people!!

Do you want to have your specific and personal questions answered by real business people?

Do you want a toolbox full of business success tools so YOUR business / Your career gives you financial freedom?

Your Internationally recognised Business Qualifications

MAX is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32207) with the Australia Skills and Qualifications Authority (ASQA) and delivers the Diploma of Business (BSB50215) and Advanced Diploma of Business (BSB60215).

How can MAX offer a Career Guarantee?

MAX exists to make sure there is a unique choice for a top level business education for people who are serious about their business / career success. If you are serious to succeed, we guarantee your MAX Business and Advanced Business Diplomas will give you the tools you need to open your business or start your new career!

Lifetime Education

As a MAX Graduate you have a Lifetime Education!! The real life education starts when your business opens or your career begins AND your MAX Business Diploma Education is the complete business success toolbox, full of all the tools you will ever need, when you need them-in real life, for a lifetime of unlimited access!!

Kman McEvoy and Steve Barry Business Coaching

Why is MAX a unique way to study Business?

  • Study when YOU want to!
  • Study where YOU want to! What is the most inspiring study spot for you; The beach, a park, in the mountains, while you exercise or do the housework? 
  • Study at a speed that suits YOU!! No slowing down for other people, and not being rushed by a set curriculum.
  • Study to fit in with your life, sport, family and work commitments!!

This is YOUR career, YOUR Business. Your MAX Business Diploma Guarantees YOU will have a successful career / business!! 

Unlike any other College or University, if for any reason your circumstances change, and you require a longer period of time to complete your Business  Diploma, MAX can extend your study time. We are here to make sure you achieve the business / career you are excited about!! 

Need to know more?

What is the $$ investment for my MAX International Business Diploma?

If you need a student loan, regardless of your budget – tiny or large, MAX will help to customise and tailor your student loan to suit you.
There are various simple, no deposit, minimal weekly $$$ investment loan plans available.

We never want $$ to be a reason you don’t get the very best business education!!

If you are serious about your top-level business education, you can chat personally with Mr McEvoy, the MAX Education Director.
He will answer all your questions and help you with your choice of your MAX Business Diploma, or the extra mile education of the MAX Advanced Business Diploma

AND he can help you with your $$$ options for both programs, AND your customised student loan if you need one.

Email him: kman@maxcolleges.com … or call/text him personally +64 21 878987 and he will call you straight back at our expense

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