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What MAX can do for your Special Business Project?
What sort of Projects can MAX help me with?
These include but not limited to

  • Business valuations, sales or acquisitions
  • Strategic Planning, Establishing Visions, Mission and Values to lead the business forward
  • Business and Financial planning and establishing focused management reporting
  • Organisational change and change management
  • All aspects of Human Resource recruitment , induction, training and performance management
  • Debt restructuring and the organisation of new debt to fund growth / new projects
  • Property leasing, acquisition and development to meet the needs of he business
  • Franchising, licencing and other expansion projects
  • Local, national and international expansion
  • Unique customer service systems for increased profit and retention
  • Unique marketing concepts, plans and systems for increased quality of customer/ client numbers

Why would I need a Special Projects Business Coach?

The MAX Business Coaches have direct and personal experience in all these areas of business management growth and transformation. Using a skilled and external party to assist you with projects of this nature means you can continue to manage the business on a day to day basis, benefit from a new and independent set of eyes looking at and thinking about your business and achieve the outcomes you seek more quickly and effectively

$$ How much is MAX Special Projects Support?

This depends on the size and nature of the project but could be as little as a a few hundred dollars or as much as several thousand. What you can be assured of is the investment made will be performance based and the outcomes will more than justify the investment made. In some situations a small investment could be transformational to your business. All such investment by you would be 100% tax deductible

What is the History of the MAX Special Projects Business Coaches?

The MAX Business Coaches all have long and successful histories in business and in the Corporate world. Their collective knowledge and experiences of business, its challenges and opportunities, its traps and pitfalls has come over a combined period of more than 75 years. They are also well connected in the Business and Professional word and able to mobilise other resources and support if required in completing a Special Project with unique or technical elements.

Max Business Career Guarantee