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Why is MAX different to other business schools, colleges or universities?
An Internationally recognised Business Diploma and an Advanced Business Diploma that has a full money back career guarantee!!
Full ongoing access to your daily updated business education, for a lifetime!!
A unique blend of online study convenience with full personal coaching and support, weekly online webinars and monthly face-to-face workshops
A business education that is customised and tailored to your business or career outcome to make sure you achieve your outcome!!
Business Coaches who are current, successful business people
A student loan program customised to suit your budget, whether it is tiny or large

What Qualifications does the MAX Business Diploma Give Me?
A recognised Diploma of Business (BSB50215) and Advanced Diploma of Business (BSB60215) but more importantly, a full toolbox of the all the tools you will ever need to start and grow your own business and / or have a successful, high paying career.
And you have access to your business toolbox for a lifetime!!

How long does it take to do the MAX Diploma?
You decide and it depends!!
How much business knowledge, experience or background do you have? How fast do you want to open your business, start your new career, or get promoted?
Some MAX Graduates have studied 5-10 hours a day because they are in a hurry! An open date for their business, or a contract start date for their career.
Other MAX Gradates have only had 20-60 mins a day / 3-5 hours a week, because they have a full time job and a busy life.
Nobody will slow you down if you want to study FAST!! and nobody will put pressure on you to keep up if you want to take your time!
Study your MAX International Business Diploma in a time that suits, in a place that most inspires you, and at a speed that suits YOUR lifestyle!!

$$ How much is the MAX international Business Diploma?
We never want $$ to be a reason why you don’t have a top level business education. At MAX, you decide on your weekly student loan repayments – we customise your student loan to suit your budget. No deposit and student loan repayments that will be affordable to you.
The stand alone International Business Diploma is $4950
The MAX International Business and Advanced Double Diploma, with 12 months of ongoing personalised Business Coaching and the MAX Career / Business Guarantee is $8950 

What is the History of The MAX International Colleges?
The Founders of MAX have been delivering top level education since 1989. With the fast speed of business change, and the market demand for quality, personalised education, the College has gone through many stages of change to keep up with that demand. With a passion and commitment to the success of our Graduates, and always offering lifetime education, support, coaching and mentoring, it has been an honour and a pleasure to still be helping our graduates who completed education with us way back in 1989, and ever since. We will be honoured to be a part of your ongoing success for as long as you need our help and support, or if you just want us to be the cheer leaders for your ongoing success!!

Max Business Career Guarantee