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Steve, “Savvy” Barry

Steve is a strong and independent thinker who thrives in an environment where the status quo is always challenged in the interests of moving an Organisation forward. “Delivery of results and accountability to all stakeholders is central to my philosophy. Teamwork, effective communication, and commitment to doing the hard yards are critical to this”. 

“Change, improvement, and innovation are key to a businesses growth and is indicative of strong management and leadership in a successful business”.

Steve’s unique blend of high level Corporate and Commercial Banking and successful business ownership/development skills and experience means he is ideally positioned to Coach and Mentor businesses and to execute Special Projects that can  transform in a business.

Savvy's Story
Meet Your MAX Business Coaches…

Meet “Rowie”…

Rowie is the Founder of the MAX International Colleges…
Twice Rowena was on the BRW (Business Review Weekly-Australia’s leading business magazine) young rich list: She was in the top 20 richest people in Australia, under the age of 40 and her business was in the top 100 fastest growing companies in Australia-two years in a row.
And perhaps pretty cool for a girl who ran away from home at 15, did not complete any orthodox schooling!!
But who cares!!
All you need to know is Rowie wants YOU to have a career or business YOU love!!

Rowie is your BUSINESS Coach who specialises in making sure YOU and YOUR Business attracts and keeps all the customers and clients you need to have a successful, profitable business!!

Rowie has created the MAX Business College AND…MAX is in existence to make sure YOU have a career or business you LOVE and you have access to ALL the tools, skills, knowledge, help and support you need to have a successful, profitable business or career for a lifetime. Rowie is committed to giving you ALL you need, everyday, and for a lifetime!!

Rowie's Story
Meet your MAX Business Coach…

KMAN: Kerry McEvoy

KMan is a big picture thinker and always challenges the status quo. He is brilliant at taking ideas and turning them into profitable business ventures. He has done it MANY times for his own successful businesses and has built numerous multi million-dollar businesses and now he is here for YOU.

Big Help for YOUR successful Business: let’s get Kman’s Big Picture thinking and out of the box VISION working for you and your business! If other people say that is, “Impossible”, he is the man who finds the way!! A Sooooper Coach to have on your team!!

Kman's Story