MAX Business Coaching


Do You Have A Special,
” One Off ” Business Project?

Do you need a specialist / expert Business Coach for a specific project?

Are you planning / doing something you have never done before in Business?

  • Are you expanding internationally?
  • Are you looking to sell, franchise, licence, or go public?
  • Do you want to buy your building or more buildings?
  • Are you hiring more people and / or need help with the HR laws?
  • Do you have an exciting new idea and you need visionary, expert, sound business advice from an outside source?

Your MAX Business Coaching Team has specialised Business Coaches to help with any special projects you need specific help with. Real life, small and large business help and advice from a Business Coaching Team who has done, and is doing small, medium and big business both nationally and internationally and we have access to the top people for your special project.

The MAX Business Coaching Team will be on YOUR TEAM from the start to successful completion of your project, and cheering for your success!!

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