How Can MAX Help YOUR Business…

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Why is MAX Business Coaching Unique?

Personalised Business Coaching
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MAX Business College
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Does your Business Need Help? Are you in Trouble?

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HOW your MAX Business Coach CAN help your Business? 

Your MAX Business Coach is a current, experienced, successful and profitable business person!! Hard to understand why some people choose a Business Coach who has never run a business, who is not financially successful or who has learnt about business from a book??
Not at MAX!!
WHY is that important to the success and profitability of your business?

Do you want help from people who talk about the business theories of what, “might work”, OR from current business people…

Who collectively have more than 80 years of experience in business, and are currently running successful, profitable businesses.
Who have created, started, owned, operated, bought and sold, multiple businesses in multiple countries.
Business people with extensive careers in banking and finance, top-level corporate management, marketing and sales.
Business people who own and operate high-performance sport, athletic, Olympic, personal and professional coaching businesses.
Business people who have created, lost, profited and grown millions of dollars
But most importantly, people who are committed to, and passionate about YOUR business success!!
WHY are these people, Steve, Rowie and KMan MAX Business Coaches?

A successful, profitable business means you can have a life of freedom and choice. Too many people have told us, and will tell you, are telling you…

“You CAN’T”
“That is impossible”
“It won’t work”
“Get a real job”
“You are not good enough, smart enough”
“You don’t have the money or it is too much money!!”

We DID it anyway – the very hard way!! Helping you, and your business/career to be successful and profitable means we get to share all we have learned with YOU!!
If you have an idea, a project, a concept, an invention, a product or service, a business idea or a current business, AND even if you have been told, “CAN”T”, Your MAX Business Coach will show you HOW!!
Your MAX Business Coach will be there to Coach you to the Grand Final of Business – Your long term Business Success!! Let’s get started!!

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Who are the MAX Business Coaches? 

Your MAX Business Coaches are all successful, profitable, current and passionate Business people. They are often asked WHY? Why do you want to help other people have successful businesses? And the answer is simple for all three; GIVING BACK!!

“We have learned, earned, achieved, and done SOOO MUCH – The hard, tough, expensive way. Now we want to help other passionate business people by sharing our mistakes and successes so YOU can…

  • Do what you love every day
  • $$$ – Earn what excites you
  • Be your own boss
  • Choose your own hours
  • Live YOUR life, YOUR way
  • A successful business will allow you to do ALL and more!!
Meet the MAX Business Coaches

What is my $$ investment?

What Is My $$ Investment?
Your $$ Investment For Specialised, Customised, Personally Tailored Business Coaching Is Fully Tax Deductible

An important part of your MAX Business Coaching plan is to ensure you are minimising tax and maximising profit!!

MAX Business Coaching Is A Weekly Investment Of $180 with A 6 Month Or 12 Month Commitment
– You can invest up front, as a one-off tax-deductible amount
– Your MAX Coach can set you up with a tax-deductible, low interest, business loan for 6 or 12 months through our specialised business finance team at GO2 Finance

You can determine the customised time-frame for your special project; You, with a MAX Business Coach, can customise the Business Coaching time you need; How long do you want /need, help, support, big-picture thinking and expert business advice for?

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