Do you want to Expand Locally, Nationally, Internationally or Online?

There is a MAX Business Coach who has in depth knowledge and experience to help you do one or more. Learn from their success, and you will not need to make the same mistakes they have made – they have made them for you. This means your project can happen faster and with much less risk!!

How can MAX Guarantee the success of your special project?

The MAX Business Coaching Team is 100% committed to your special business project, if you are 100% committed! This means a team of people working together to make sure your special project becomes a reality!! If you are serious, we are too! You share your required outcome; then we agree on the effort, work and commitment we will all put in to make your project happen, and we have a money back guarantee on the all the promises we have made, and based on you committing to the promises you have made

Do you want to ACHIEVE / do something in business you have never done before?

You have the VISION, you know what you want, you may even know how to do it, BUT…
You want advice and direction from people who have achieved want you want to do so you can learn what worked AND what not to do. You know it could happen faster if you learn from, “OPM”  Other People’s Mistakes!!

AND you know that brainstorming works so much better if you, “Storm with people who have a brain!!”

Your MAX Special Projects Business Coach will be the person who has done what you want to do!
AND / OR is a big picture thinker and a risk manager so your project will be achieved faster, safer and easier!!

How to invest in specialised Business Coaching for your Special Business Project?

If you need one, your low interest, no-deposit, tax-delectable business loan is customised and tailored to suit your budget, your project and your business – tiny or large!!
We never want $$ to get in the way of your business / career success. You share with us what your budget is and we will design a business loan to suit!!

Daily, Ongoing Business Education: 
Yes, Your MAX Business Support is updated DAILY!!

As a MAX Business Coaching Client you have daily ongoing access for a lifetime to top level business tips / education!!
Your MAX phone app is updated daily- yes 365 days of every year and it is a business success toolbox, full of all the tools you will ever need when you need them – in real life, for a lifetime of unlimited access!!

WHY? Because the world of business is changing daily and we want you to have EVERY tool as soon as it is available to guarantee your success! 

EVERYDAY? Because people are doing business internationally everyday!

Christmas, Easter, weekends and holidays, people are doing business worldwide. If you want to be too, MAX is here with you EVERYDAY!!

Your MAX Business Coaches are REAL Business People!!
MAX is NOT about advice, help and support from people who learned from an irrelevant textbook or people who have never run a business!! Your MAX Business Coaches are successful, profitable business people with the real life failures and successes for YOU to learn from so you can be successful faster!!
Kman McEvoy and Steve Barry Business Coaching

Why MAX is a unique way to get specialised help & advice for your special project

  • Get the specific help you need!
  • Get advice from a current business person with specific experience with your special project 
  • Customise and tailor the time-frames to complete your special project 
  • Customise and tailor the amount and the way you invest $$ in specialised Business Coaching for your special project 

This is YOUR Business, your special project, your “Baby”… The MAX Business Coaching Team is here to help make sure it is successful, profitable and it grows (if you need it to?)

Need to know more?

What is the $$ investment to make your Special Project a reality?

Regardless of your budget, your business, your special project – tiny or large, MAX will help to customise and tailor your low interest, no-deposit, tax, deductible, business loan to suit you. There are several, easy, weekly payment options

How Much Do I Invest?